Acupuncture- a new option to manage anxiety and depression (Show care to people around you)

robin williams

It’s sad to find the iconic and lovable Robin Williams dead today, who was struggling with drugs and depression. But what makes me think if we can identify depressed people around you and get the right treatments.

For people with depression, acupuncture could be the missing piece in a complete management plan.

In Traditional Chinese medicine system, mental disorders are caused by “Yin-Yang” imbalance resulting from a weak liver, spleen, heart or kidneys. It is classifies according to how much each Organ has been disturbed and how the Qi is affected. Acupuncture seeks to restore its natural balance by correcting energy blocks or imbalances between Yin and Yang.

Patients would experience a reduction in tension, restlessness, sadness, headache, cephalic paresthesia, and loss of appetite.

One new study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found the traditional Chinese practice to be as effective as antidepressants, and a different study found that acupuncture may help treat the medications’ side effects. Another study published in the journal PLOS Medicine, shows that adding acupuncture or counseling to usual care for depression could help to decrease symptoms of the condition in the short- to medium-term. Western research suggests the needles may activate natural painkillers in the brain; in traditional Chinese medicine, the process is believed to improve functioning.

Acupuncture would not be a replacement but clearly it is a new option.

But whatever treatment to use, it is important to take metal disorder patients to get right medical care, as most of the time, they dun aware and refuse any help. Do show care!!



Qi Beauty- chinese medicine anti aging program

Oh yeah! Nude face….this is Qi Beauty matrix newly introduced in our clinic. I dun really do treatments at beauty salons, but I have to try this before working on patients and it does a great job!! So dun be surprised if I look like 18 again 😛
This non-invasive technique is to reconnect your Qi, i.e. maximinising the regenerability of skin cells, by placing 1000 Qi micro-magnets on meridians. Acu-points on face are mostly related to digestion channels. In Chinese medicine, a good circulation of digestive system plays a key role of a beautiful skin.
Unlike acupuncture or electrical/abrasive techniques, instead of damaging or injecting sth into your skin, Qi beauty stimulates the circulation energy, you are re-training your cells to behave differently. Follow by home kit, a regular stimulation throughout one skin cycle (30-55 days) to fully activate and establish Qi. You will encourage volume to move upwards, throughout skin layers, dragging collagen and elastin to the upper layers of the skin.
Case Studies have shown that the Qi beauty facial will assist the ability of the skin to:
*Plump and tone dehydrated skin

*Lift and define facial features

*Decrease size of pores

*Reduce the appearance of pigmentation

*Reduce the depth of wrinkles

*Repair/reduce broken capillaries

*Provide a long term anti-ageing solution

Can Chinese Medicine help infertility patients?


With a new technology, couples with infertility problems may have chance to have their own babies. But there are always risks behind.
in the clinic i am working now, 80% are infertility patients. Most are them are seeking Chinese Medicine treatment along IFV, IUI etc, in order to increase the chance, which has been proven in some latest research.
We use acupuncture and herbs to regulate the cycle and treat the underlying problems for both men and women, using a personalised approach.
But more importantly, if you are trying to conceive, you should stable your emotion and regulate diet (i.e. no raw and cold food), as all this would slow down the Qi and blood circulation to the pelvic area.

Stiff neck after sleeping (Acute Torticollis) 落枕

Some people suddenly wake up one morning and find their neck twisted to one side with so much pain and stuck in that position. This is Acute Torticollis which is caused by injury to neck muscles.

Patients are often found the neck pain, cannot move after woke up, that affecting their work and daily life.

Acute Torticollis can occur after a long exposure to cold (and wind in Chinese Medicine theory), or after the neck has been in an improper position.

Self help tips

  1. Massage 2 acupoints (3mins each)
    1. 風池穴 (the Gates of Minds)

Below the base of the skull, in the hollows on both sides of the neck, between the two vertical neck muscle

2. 落枕穴 (Torticollis point)

In the back side of hand, between second and third metacarpal, 1cm away from the metacarpophalangeal joints

落枕穴 Torticollis

2. Keep warm by applying heat pack to you neck which can reduce the pain and muscle spasms

3. Avoid using too high or stiff a pillow

The condition would usually last for 3-5 days. See your doctor for treatment if the condition persisted.

有些人突然有一天一覺醒來,發現頸部扭到一邊,僵直性疼痛,無法正常轉動 。 因過度疲累,睡眠時未適時轉換姿勢; 睡眠時頸部感受風寒,風寒通過腠理侵入經絡,使局部氣血失調、經絡受阻,導致頸部肌肉收縮痙攣、強直疼痛,造成頸部肌肉損傷。


1。取穴 按摩 (各3分鐘)

一. 風池穴






情況通常會持續3-5天。 如果病情持續,見醫生作治療。

Ear – A Map of your Body!

Ear acupressure was first documented in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine in 500 BC. Acupoints are arranged like an inverted foetus, head down, hip up, chest and torso in the middle. You can see in the diagram.

ear acupuncture

In Chinese medicine, many meridians pass though the ears and reflect the whole body. When there is malfunction of a body part, it often shows, such as pain, discoloration, etc. of certain points on the ear. Chinese doctors would make reference of this signs in their diagnosis.

Ear acupuncture is widely used for many conditions, including controlling alcohol and drugs addiction, mental disorders, obesity, insomnia and pain. Chinese Medicine emphasises a holistic approach. Inserting regular needles in acupoints on the ears help to regulate the internal organs and its functions.

For chronic conditions, ear acupuncture points may be stimulated for a longer period of time by using ear seeds. Ear seeds are using small seeds from plant and held in the concerned area on the ear with a small piece of adhesive tape. Ear seeds may be left in the ear for a few days. Patients could rub the seeds 2-3 times a day to induce strong stimulation.

ear seed 2 ear seed

Be your own doctor

Alternatively, you can massage both ears by rubbing them daily. This would stimulate the acupoints and balance the irregularities.

Sweet craving… your stomach may not want it at all

Who doesn’t like sweet? But…..your stomach wouldn’t like it when you take too much. Lemme explain how excess sweet could upset your stomach in Chinese Medicine.

5 Flavours and 5 Organs

Based on the theory of 5 elements, each flavour (sour, bitter, sweet, spicy, salty) has a function and is associated with the 5 internal organs liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney respectively. Optimal amount of flavors would benefit the internal organs, but when in exceed, they would cause the imbalance of body system and lead to illness.

sweet_ stomach

Sweet & Spleen

Both Sweet and Spleen belong to Earth Element in 5 elements system.

Chinese Medicine believes Spleen plays an important role in the digestion. It transforms and transports nourishment throughout the body, and is responsible for supplying Qi (flow of energy) and blood to other organs.

The flavor of Earth – Sweet, is considered to be the most nourishing of the flavors. With optimal amount, it can nourish the function of Spleen, in other words, circulation of Qi and Blood would be good. In contrast, excessive amount of sweet a day would cause Spleen functional disorder. Upset stomach such as abomial pain, diarrhea, bloating in stomach and headache, dizziness, irritability could be presented.

A craving for sweets indicates a need of nourishment, which help us to diagnosis problems related to digestive system.

One Message…

Don’t eat too much sweet!!!

You can choose natural sweet foods, such as yams, pumpkin, pork, rice, red potatoes etc…to boost the Qi of Spleen.

Acupuncture for mild Post-Partum Depression

After the new arrival of the Royal Family, post natal care is once again a hot topic. New mums would love to know how to take good care of their babies and herself, but most of the time they forget to take good care of their emotional needs.

Post-Partum Depression affects about 10% of post natal women. It causes considerable psychosocial distress to mothers and their families. The cognitive and emotional development of the infant might also be affected. Early identification and timely intervention might improve the mental health of mothers.

You may be surprised Chinese Medicine could treat depression…

Chinese Medicine believes that mental health maintains by a good circulation of Qi. After giving birth, the new mother’s body is in a weakened state.  Excessive blood and Qi (flow of energy) loss during delivery result in failure to nourish the Spirit-mind. Patients would experience moodiness, sadness, hopelessness, crying a lot, having no motivation, eating and sleeping disorder, losing interest or pleasure in activities used to enjoy, withdrawing from friends and family, having headaches, aches and pains, or stomach problems

Some research(1) have proved that acupuncture therapy is safe and effective in treating MILD depression. It has no side effects; do not affect the quality of milk and breastfeeding. It regulates the balance on blood and Qi and body function.

Here are the acupoints (head and limbs) that are effective in treating mild post-partum depression.

CM treatment of postpartum depression headCM treatment of postpartum depression limb

If you notice your lady or any new mothers experiencing mental illness over 2 weeks, do take to her to see doctors. She may not aware of it herself. If the problem is getting serious, general practitioners should refer the case to psychiatrist.


(1)The effectiveness and safety of acupuncture therapy in depressive disorders: Systematic review and meta-analysis